samedi, mai 12, 2007

Many seasons at once

Today I took a holiday from grief. I couldn't help myself-the sun was warm and the green grass beckoned under the inviting shade of the tree above the field. Colin was playing baseball-batting and fielding at bats in between talking to his buddies. Occasionally the coaches would yell encouragement at him-sometimes I'd cheer the wrong team. Correction-I don't think there is a wrong team when you are talking about nine year old boys or girls. It is so lovely to watch them doing all kinds of crazy things and having fun. No awful parents, thank God. The group of women near me were moms of boys on the Cardinals-Colin is a Tiger. But we chatted and laughed and cheered. Underneath the warmth is a sense of sadness and of dread of what is to come. But I thank God for the grace of being Colin and Sian's mother-and the day to day ability to teach them love and laugh with them...for every thing, there is a season...and sometimes, many seasons at once.

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