mardi, mai 22, 2007

I like to think of myself as someone who can be trusted. Recently, however, I've had cause to wonder both about the meaning of the word 'trust' in various contexts, and about how other people parse it. A few months ago a fellow I corresponded with for a while told me he didn't trust what was said in emails. Since I pride myself on telling the truth as far as I see it, I didn't take kindly to what I saw as a personal criticism. But time, and a little emotional distance, has helped me realize that it might not have been personal.

I've been hurt when people don't trust me right off the bat, but I also know that trust has to be earned. It's just too bad when one doesn't get a chance-on the other hand, perhaps the bar is set so high with some people that it would be soul-crushing to try to jump over it.

It is probably wise to be cautious about believing what people you don't know tell you. On the other hand, I suspect that my friend isn't of a trusting disposition to begin with. I tend to think well of people, looking for the good in them.

Eventually, I realize that some of them are not trustworthy-but I'd rather err on the side of acceptance than of suspicion.

Besides, I can imagine circumstances under which others would feel that I'm not totally trustworthy.

Yes, I am a a faithful friend (most of the time). Yes, I'm grounded and have common sense (every other day). But you can't trust me to iron my clothes, or cook cakes from scratch, or to wipe the kitchen floor every week, whether it needs it or not. I guess you can trust me to be honest about my shortcomings. I hope that compensates for not being repentant.

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Mrs. M a dit…

I can't be trusted to regularly clean my kitchen counter, either, so I liked this. (As we say in my family, it made me hug you with my brain.)

Offcenter a dit…

Oh, then you understand what I mean! I used to feel bad about my lack compulsive cleanliness, but now I just chalk it up to being creative-however, some people aren't fooled!