samedi, avril 28, 2007


In case you really wondered...the envelope contained a year book. I'd forgotten that I had written a few words and sent in a picture of our little family.

My first observation? How good most of us looked. I can't decide how much of it is genes and how much of it is good health care. Maybe a couple of us Kirkland women used Botox-if so, good for us.

Some included old photographs-moving icons of beauty and lines, no skepticism.

My more profound observation? How many of us (the ones who sent in bios and pics) were teachers and interior decorators and social workers, and how relatively few were corporate--no surprises.

And proud I am of being part of this group of grown up women-still moving forward to help make this world a little better. They don't sell SUVS, by and large, the women of
Kirkland. We aren't ingenuous anymore...but we are still hopeful and smart and impudent. In a good way, of course.

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