mercredi, avril 25, 2007

No chick (peas) here

Can anyone pinpoint the year when parenting stopped being an exercise in teaching and authority and became a "learning experience"-for the parents? Whenever that change happened, we have now probably gone beyond the point of no return-unless you are raising a child according to the rubrics of Dr. James Dobson.

I've never been good at rubrics, be they those of Dobson, Spock or Barney the dinosaur. But I do take a stand on certain peculiar principles-kindness to others, grace at meals- and eating at least a little of what is put in front of you.

With her craving for novelty, Sian doesn't normally have a problem eating new foods. Colin, on the other hand, displays an air suitable for Greek tragedy or Yiddish theater.

Tonight the battle (which raged for about 45 minutes) was over pizza. We had laughter, tears, accusations and ultimately surrender (mine).

But don't kids go crazy over pizza, you ask?

Yes indeed-particularly if the pizza has broccoli, chick peas, and a whole wheat crust.

After a titanic battle, I sent Colin to bed. Lying beside him, my arm slung across his shoulder, we discussed strategies for healthy eating...and some for healthy compromise.

Gentle readers, I told you I had a learning experience-I did! Next time I'll leave out the chick peas.

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