samedi, février 17, 2007

Grass not neccessarily greener

Here's a philosophical question for ya-why do we human beings seem to crave newness so much? Why do we let our yearning eyes slide toward the bigger house in the development on the way home from work, or the job in our friend's company with the slightly higher salary and better dental insurance, or that bootylicious blonde at our gym? Why is it so hard to sustain the home we already have, the work already on our plates, or the marriage of 20 years standing? Let me say straight up that, having left a 12 year marriage, I am not an innocent in that regard. On the other hand, it took years of hard slogging, conversation and mourning to end my marriage-and I certainly haven't jumped into some other relationship, illusions intact. Yuck, I say to that-fie on tacky Hallmark Card sentimentality. Love is a decision as much as it is a feeling.

Men, as I have observed, seem slightly more prone to this craving for novelty. Yet they become less dependent on guys for security, increasingly women also are falling prey to the thought that someone or thing can heal their spiritual and psychological wounds... without any substantive work on their part.

I remain baffled as to why we humans, are so much more intrigued with the job or the home or the person we don't know than the equally complex and perhaps more rewarding reality right in front of them. So before you go and make an idol of anyone, or anything today, take another look at your lovely backyard with the old trees, or the boss who allows you to come in late when you have a sick kid, or the spouse with the laugh lines around his or her mouth that you helped put there-and try to be faithful to that day at a time.

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