lundi, février 19, 2007

Conversations and...Bait

First, let's talk fishin' in hot water, that is. As a result of last week's article au sujet de online dating ( sorry, I got taken over briefly by the Franglish virus) I was contacted by a fellow named Matt. He is an entrepreneur who helms a new (I think its new) Internet activity (and, let's face it, dating) site called lifeknot (now we apparently all live in a small caps world). Matt would like me to write an article for someone about lifeknot-or, at least to blog about it. As I find out more about it, you might hear more. But what fascinated me tonight was stumbling across a profile category that was new to me- "married and looking." When I have a chance to email him again, I must ask Matt what this category means. I would add to that phrase the two words "for trouble." Married guys or gals who post profiles on Internet sites and list themselves as "looking" are obviously interested in starting an extra-marital relationship. But those who list themselves as "married and looking" doesn't tell you what they are looking for-are they on the prowl for a way out of the marriage? And will you be the excuse or the second wife/husband/gf/bf/bff? Tantalizing, ain't it? Just remember what I said in a previous post. Because we seem to want novelty, the woman or man who meets your eyes at the Starbucks counter Monday-Friday-see her/him getting a decaf skim latte that looks just like yours itmustbefate?... seems more fascinating than the person you are waking up next to every morning. I know that from personal experience-as a writer I am just gifted enough to make myself seem intriguing. Stick with what and who you know, guys. Or be brave enough to get out and start playing out here with the big girls and the real world.

Hmm....think I'll wait until tomorrow to talk about Colin and his new thoughts on an old subject ...original sin. Just in time for Ash Wednesday!

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seriousFunk a dit…

Thanks for giving lifeknot a try.

I wanted to speak to the 'married and looking' option members may select when listing their marital status. Fist off, I agree with you that 'for trouble' might as well be added to the 'married and looking' designation. Though, the reasoning behind having such an option is that it allows people to be honest. Marriages sometimes just don't work out. People grow apart and anyone that's been in a serious relationship knows this to be true. Providing the ability to choose 'married and looking' allows members to be honest about their situation as well as let other people know what involvement with this person entails. Not having this option would probably have 'married and looking' people listing themselves as single. While some probably still do, we know for a fact that many people are honest about their marital status.

I hope lifeknot's focus on activity interests ensures people grow together and not apart.

Thanks again for taking a look at lifeknot. All the best,
- Matt

Offcenter a dit…

Good point, Matt-I have not had this experience myself, but many people report getting involved with men or women who are actually still living with their spouse. Anything that increases honesty and allows informed choice is a good thing.