mardi, février 20, 2007

Adam and Apes

Notice my Lenten color scheme-a day before Lent actually starts? Ah, the Episcopalians-always one step ahead of other Protestants.

I was trying to explain Lent to Colin last night. His first concern, of course, was having to attend a church service tomorrow. Once I put that fear to rest, he was able to have a little talk about the meaning of Lent-helped along with bedtime milk and a mouthful of Vanilla Wafers. This was definitely the unofficial abridged version. We quickly went over why Jesus had to die for us, and the meaning of the word "mortality." We then discussed the idea of original sin, of the stain that we all carry-as the medieval church put it (also St. Paul) "in Adam's fall we sinned all." That's why Jesus had to die for us, I told him. We are all sinful. But that's not right, said my little philosopher. Some in our species may have sinned-but why is it generalized to all people? "That's like being hit by one monkey and being angry at all monkeys" asserted Colin.

Not quite-it's a bit more complicated. But it won't be long before the guru of Glenmoore will be able to challenge his mom on her own territory....or perhaps its not my own territory. Perhaps I ought to trust that when he really has questions his mother can't answer, he will take them to his Father.

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Catherine + a dit…

You are such a great mom...