jeudi, décembre 07, 2006

Living Boldly

"Four years ago, Kim, Zemlicka and their group of friends discovered golf, and Kim fell in love. Not only did he enjoy the game, he also basked in the camaraderie, Zemlicka said. But when daughter Penelope was born, Kim gave up the sport and never looked back, Zemlicka said.
"He wouldn't even sneak away for a few hours once in a while to play nine holes," Zemlicka said. "The truth is that it wasn't that big of a sacrifice--hanging out with a bunch of guys. James had more important things to tend to. He taught me to be a dedicated husband. He's always putting his wife and kids first." Excerpt from James Kim Obituary on Of all the lovely things people said in this obituary about the editor who died while attempting to save his family, this was the one that struck a deep echo with me. That is because I have many friends, mostly guys, who accord golf a place in their pantheon very close to worship, friends and family.I have met a number of women who accept, with a little or a lot of resignation, that on weekends they become "golf widows." The 35-year-old Kim, who was found yesterday in the Oregon wilderness, not far from where his wife and two daughter were rescued a few days ago, was apparently a remarkable man in many ways. As well as being praised for his love of family, he was also eulogized as an entrepreneur, technology maven and friend. But I suspect that this man of so many gifts will be remembered more for his ability to get his priorities straight when under pressure, to embrace his family first, than for his work as an editor or as owner of funky clothing stores. In the middle of this tragedy, we might find a corrective for the idols we put above love-I know what mine are as well as you do yours. James Kim probably wasn't thinking of how he would be remembered when he left the shelter of the family car to see if he could get aid for his wife and two daughters. But he left a legacy, nonetheless. Then there is the man Christians call Redeemer. Jesus only lived to be thirty-three-but, whether you believe him prophet, Messiah, or simply a man, he made every moment count. What do you want them to say about you when your time comes? It never hurts to be thinking about it now-something you can do even out on the greens. " I Want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me? Did I chose to love, did I point to You above? Want to leave a mark on things, want to leave an offering-Child of mercy and Grace, who blessed your name unapalogetically-Leave that kind of legacy." Nichole Nordeman "Legacy."

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