jeudi, mai 21, 2015

Jealous much

I don't happen to have the jealous gene.

 If you have to worry about outsiders ruining your relationship...well, maybe it wasn't such a good one to begin with.

Thank goodness for the philosophical attitude that comes with age.  I've seen some crazy high school dramas, involving threats, recriminations and even a visit from the police, .

One of my kids still allows herself to fall prey to the nonsense. The other avoids it like a contagion.

I've watched it wreak havoc in  adult relationships and cause unnecessary suffering - provoking wrath and pain that just adds to the toxicity of something that should be healthy and life-giving.

Sometimes jealousy becomes a game  - something to juice up a relationship, make it a little more exciting.

Jealousy - it's a bitch.

But perhaps to characterize it as female is unfair - it's a bipartisan little devil.

High school is over, kids.

Time to grow up.

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