samedi, août 24, 2013

Prayers (and presence) for the bleeding stranger

After reading about the solving of the Fr. Dowling mystery, I started to wonder what other clergy would do if confronted with a situation where someone was lying hurt by the side of the road. Heck, what about the vast majority of us who are NOT be-collared?

After talking to Rabbi Jack Paskoff, I realized that this isn't as simple a question as it might seem. Accident victims might be gravely injured, or dead.  Family members might be overwhelmed, or in shock.

A minister isn't a magician.  But they have a certain role to play - yet that role can also be played, to a large degree, by a layperson.

And some of us would be no help at an accident scene.

Perhaps it boils down to common sense -- if you think you can help, help. And if not, as Rev. Lentz said, call 911, and pray for a quick arrival of an EMT, and an angel.

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