jeudi, juillet 04, 2013

If you are Washington

You seem
Straight lined
Sans ellipse
Scheming aside
Plein air
The complicated life too luxurious 
For your workman's hands.
Window flung open to let in the winds that 
Toss life around like leaves skittering down sidewalks
Truth only currency on this table it is
Should I then blame myself for what I cannot
Did not
See behind corners, under beds, in your closet
The hand you did not play
When I trusted
A few laps ahead
I watch incredulous
Not clever enough or uncaring enough
To hide your hand
Knowing I only see in part
Still I see enough
If  you are Washington
I choose New Hampshire
To live not among your baroque confections
But among the truthtellers
Even if I stand there
Without you

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