samedi, avril 13, 2013

Two traditions but a similar voice on Israel

Sometimes it's tough to get someone to talk to you.

When I went trolling for sources on this series, I was aware that it might be challenging to get the Conservative rabbi in our area to open up.

And he decided, bless his heart, that he didn't want to speak with me about the significance of the land of Israel in the Conservative tradition.

So I had to go a bit above his pay grade-- a very gracious, and  very well-known rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York was willing to make time on his crowded calendar for me.

What a mensch. Plus, he's really skilled at talking to the press, very clever and fun to read.

We have a friendly, down to earth,  Reform rabbi in the Lancaster area -- he's a great quote also.

I'm fascinated by how similar their voices are.

What do you think?

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