dimanche, avril 28, 2013

Israel and Christians: the ambivalence that dares not speak its name (sometimes)

For diverse reasons, mainline Christians and conservative Christians get squirmy on the topic of Israel. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Conservatives get nervous because they don't like being tagged as being impelled by self-interest when they support Israel. (After all, the book of Revelations can be read to support the idea that Jews have to be in Israel for Jesus to come back).

And mainline denominations don't wish to be accused of being anti-Jewish when they speak up for the rights of the Palestinians.

There's always a subtext -- and, thus far, the political, moral and biblical subtext has driven the policy conversation.

I discuss these drivers, and how we arrived here, with Professor Julia O'Brien at the Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Take a look -- and please comment.


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