dimanche, mars 10, 2013

Can "good people" dish the dirt?

I'm grateful to my editor at the Inquirer for sending me books that stretch me intellectually.

I never thought I'd review a young adult novel, analyze a series of meditations on zines, or delve into an autobiographical account of being locked up by a criminal and having to bear his child.

I have to admit, however, that there is usually a minute when I say (to myself): he is sending me WHAT?

That was certainly the case here.

After reading this autobiographical memoir by Judy Wicks, founder of Philly's White Dog Cafe, I have many more questions than answers.

In the end, I grew to admire her determination -- while still hoping, in spite of myself, for some of the intimate (relatively speaking) details that she chose, for whatever reason, not to reveal.

I have a good idea now of what Judy Wicks believes. But can readers say that they know Judy?

Arguably -- yes.  And arguably -- no.


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