vendredi, février 15, 2013

Online dating: how it can ruin a nice evening

The thing is -- I'm incredibly straightforward.

Not only that, but I stubbornly try to stay calm and polite, even when the guy on the other end of the correspondence doesn't.

I am a bit baffled tonight.

The guy who said last week he wants to meet me isn't returning my emails.

A man who has my email address isn't using it -- which makes me wonder...

A 78-year-old gentleman in New Jersey begs me to talk to him.  I wonder what he would think of me dating a young man in his thirties.

Then, of course, there are the married guys and all the other online bounders.

I never seem to be QUITE cynical enough for the online dating universe.

Instead, I take a break from one site, and leave my profile up on another.

While it may not be a change of characters, it is a pragmatic move.

And what is online dating about among the middle-aged, in the end, but pragmatism?

Doomed, moody pragmatism...not even the delusional feel good kind.

Why do I continue?

I suppose that I'm as entitled to my delusions as you to yours.

Ain't American romance wonderful?

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