lundi, novembre 12, 2012

The Blue Moon Effect

Writing is the closest I come to piloting an airplane (and be thankful for that, gentle reader).  Though unmistakably a craft, it does not feel like work,most of the time.  I write--therefore I am.  On many occasions, putting fingers to keyboard has saved my sanity.

I don't review a book to please an author.  I'd probably be a lot wealthier if I did public relations.

Yet it still makes me feel really good to think that I, in some way, approached or touched on an author's intent -- particularly when reviewing works of fiction.  One can almost as easily be wrong as correct.

So thank you, Beth Kephardt, for sharing -- your book is rich and multidimensional and still lingers in my mind, like the smell of orange on one's fingers after the fruit itself is consumed.

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