mercredi, avril 11, 2012

I'd rather be alone...

Than walk blindly between tables at a flea market

Fighting impulse

Raise booted foot and smash, smash, smash

Games and cozies and discarded china crashing to the beaten earth

Grip your back tightly as you weave through the cars and pray

That your need to prove your manhood

Cancels not my desire to draw constant breath

To accept chilly silence as the price of not being alone

Too large a price

Embrace solitude instead of

Stalking imagined competition in constant fear

The embers that glow relentlessly among the endearments

A shoddy glue designed only for a sell-by date

Or barter kisses for your friendly, breezy farewells.

Seeker of reality among the ruins of past love

Instead of a reality ruined

Asking if perhaps

Sane standards

Find echo in sound of another voice

Not yet.

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