dimanche, avril 15, 2012

Finally, Mr. Moore

Recall, dear friends, a while ago, I mentioned a certain writer, a bestselling one.

In my little rant, virtually posted in these pages, I noted that he had turned down my request for an interview, unless it was done via email.

He doesn't trust journalists, he told me, because consistently, when he has been interviewed, he has found that they have their own agenda and distort what he said.

Radio and television are different, he said -- because there, he knew that his words would speak for themselves, as it were.  

I wanted that interview -- but not enough to compromise my principles on email dialogue -- which can easily be shaped, particularly by writers, into something as glossy and vapid as a p.r. brochure.

No interview. Just the prospect of my review, and the realization that sometimes the relationship between writers and their subjects is, well, as bizarre as that of the plot of a Christopher Moore novel.

Here it is....


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