jeudi, mars 22, 2012

Lean on me (if I can lean back)

I've been pondering an email exchange I had with a fellow in transition, who isn't sure where he wants to go with regard to dating.

The exchange wasn't about whether he should date me in particular.

As I recall, he was hesitant about his readiness to date.

Wise man.

Would many other men (and probably women) be so confused.

So often, I have heard stories, seen wounds, wondered at how much one soul can bear, unresolved.

In a secular version of incarnation, I see the same issues lived out, over and over again -- as though making the same mistake for the third or fourth time could heal the old ones.

Where are our equal partners?

Not seeking domination, I -- just a fellow pilgrim -- dreaming of a man who has bled, and fallen, and gone to find a physician.

I am no such alchemist.

Just a chance-met quixotic quester on the same road.

Or maybe not.

Comfort is to be found in collaboration.

I am not the answer -- but I don't mind embracing the mystery together.

As long as I don't turn around, and find out that I am alone.

Or discover, with perplexity and incredulity, that I am carrying you.

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