lundi, septembre 26, 2011

The man you deserve - for Katie

No need to dragon-slay, no rivers to cross on horseback, no jousting to win your heart.

You have had too many false knights.

Those are the thin-armored men, whose outward form may not conform to their true selves.

But he will be very brave, this man of yours --brave enough to face down his own demons before he arrives at the castle walls (or sends you an email to let you know he's free on Sunday night-- sadly, we don't all have castles any more).

And when he arrives, it will be with humility -- a humility born of deep learning and wisdom. He's no smarty-pants know-it-all.

Owning his past mistakes, he sees in you new life, the seeds of laughter, and passion and joy.

The spell he weaves will be a mutual one, binding heart to heart in a rhythm so intuitive that you don't know the music until you realize you are dancing.

Will he look good in a kilt? Hmm...after a while, I don't think you are going to care.

He's going to be hot. Sizzling. Ravishing in whatever garb he chooses or does not choose to wear.

(Phew, I'm getting hot myself.)

Most of all, he's going to be worthy of you.

Worth waiting for, this man of substance. No joker he, but the king of hearts.

Of one heart -- yours.

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