samedi, juillet 16, 2011

The (written) dimensions of desire

I am not easily seduced.

In fact, as I told a fellow tonight, on the phone, I am pretty much "caveat emptor" all the way...or at least until I can begin to trust someone. If they don't scare off, they are either slightly demented, or really want to get to know me.

But I do have a weakness for a well-written profile.

Actually, I like the guys with quirks. "Buddhist boy with a bent for bacchanals seeks naughty nymph for same"...well, you get the general tenor. I don't mind basses, either.

Wait a minute. I just remembered the bacchanals are past my bedtime. (Sigh).

Internet dating sites have lots of men (and women) who can't write their way out of a paper bag. Although why you would want to do that, come to think about it, puzzles me.

Then there are the men who can describe themselves, but sound rather dull.

I've met a few of them. Actually, not all of them are boring. It really isn't fair to judge a guy by his way with the virtual word. If the shoe was on the other foot, it would, equally, not be fair for them to judge me by how well I do sixth-grade math.

But there is something very appealing about a guy who can serve up irony with a little tonic.

And because they are so rare online, I tend to reach out to them, if only to compliment them on their phrase of choice.

Again and again I get emails telling me that I am seeing things in their profiles no one else has noticed.

It's possible that I am seeing what wasn't there - something illusory. A humbling thought.

But I think it's more possible that, in our haste to find the perfect guy (or woman) we miss what is in front of our eyes.

And oh yeah, I haven't been able to "caveat" the first guy - he still wishes to meet me. I shall endeavour not to disappoint -- or was that to disappoint? Probably depends on how odd he is -- and good with words.

Or bad with them.

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

A man who can write? Irresistible asset.

Good luck...