lundi, juin 28, 2010

After the storm

I don't know that anyone expected the violence.

Last Thursday, I had just said goodbye to a younger friend when the skies began to darken.

Oh, a thunderstorm, I thought -- forgetting, of course, to check to see if we had left any windows open.

Then the winds began -- shaking the trees, sending plant containers across our grass, and leaves dancing through the windy air onto the lawn.

I called my ex husband, hoping to establish some kind of human contact. After leaving a message, I got ahold of the grandmother of neighbors, staying at their home while they were on a cruise.

But it wasn't until I got outside and saw that a tree had come down in the back that I realized the tempest might have been more than a bad thunderstorm. And it was only after that, driving around a town where poles and wires swayed tipsily across lanes, that I realized this was more than your average storm.

Some of my neighbors have generators -- it is perhaps a mark of my citified mindset that I don't have one -- yet. Nor do I have a chainsaw.

Imagine me with a chainsaw? Right.

There was mildly wry excitement in the fact that we made the newspapers, little Glenmoore being a storm epicenter. Talk of 90 mile an hour winds is thin gruel when you can't flush a toilet or water your crops.

It took us till Sunday to get our power back. Some neighborhoods here still don't have it. And they predict storms this afternoon -- better get out and mown the leave strewn lawn.

2 commentaires:

dadshouse a dit…

Wow! Sounds like you all were hit hard. Hope things are back to normal.

BigLittleWolf a dit…

Violent storms really make us aware of our fragility. Glad all is well. (And make sure you have a good stock of water and other things you need!)