lundi, mars 22, 2010

Do U Limbo?

I made a lunch date today -- a date that involves going into Philadelphia.

Getting into our lovely town involves a half an hour drive and then about an hour on the train.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you readers. After all, it's only lunch, isn't it?

But it was for me.

I just started a new, part-time job. That means lots more writing, public appearances, visiting shut ins and older folks who can't get out -- and talking. Honestly, it's the add-on conversations that I find the most difficult.

That's on top of the other part of my schitzophrenic work life -- the outspoken writer with which some readers are familiar.

Not to mention selling a house.

Hopefully, buying a house.

And a child that needs to be picked up from chess club by 4:00.

What I found when I contemplated lunch with somebody I hadn't met was a tremendous weight of inner resistance.


Not as limber, not as spontaneous as you were...said a quiet but irritating voice.

That's what got me off my duff. OK, I'm not as limber as I once was -- those aches and pains in the morning remind me when I blithely jumped out of bed without thinking about my neck or legs or back.

But I'm still young enough to make choices about how mentally and physically flexible I can become. And I'm finding it's a skill that I need to practice.

So it's the 11:12 from Exton. And hopefully an interesting talk about landscapes, and Quakerism, and photography. If I learn one new thing, it will have been worth the trip.

How about you?

Are there areas where you need to work on your inner or outer flexibility?

Maybe the Simpsons will give you some ideas...

2 commentaires:

BigLittleWolf a dit…

No matter what I try, there is never enough time. And 18 months ago I was working 2 (contractor) jobs, had 2 teenagers at home to parent solo, AND I still freelanced beyond that. It's a blur.

Now, it's still all a blur, even without the two jobs, and down one teen who's off at college. And still not enough time, no matter what I do.

How is that possible???

Amy a dit…

hi elizabeth! i'm so glad i found you...i totally relate to this (and i'm also following an irreverent faith journey...

i had a coffee date recently that ended up being awful--"45 boring minutes of my life i'll never get back"--and oftentimes it involves babysitting at $15/hour. that's why i've become much more selective about it, and more open to phone conversations as a transition from email to in-person. last time i was meeting a number of people on internet dating sites, i was actually able to screen out several men because the conversations were not happening.