mardi, février 02, 2010

Sex robots. Coming to a Walmart near you?

Forgive the blog break.

I've been (actually, I am still) on deadline with a commentary, pondering graduate school, working out the contract for a new job, and wondering whether my daughter will remember her homework books.

Wow. I get to be surprised!

Beside, I'm honestly not sure that I want to write about the sex robot.

To be honest with you, the whole idea makes me a little sick.

I suppose we should have expected a cleverly designed machine to service your every need, guys. Sorry.

She doesn't clean -- or cook.

A lot of the current epidemic of depersonalized sex can be attributed to economics.

In our culture sexuality became unhooked from emotional intimacy when you could go and buy pornographic magazines along with an ice cream cone at your local news store. Then came phone sex.

Now we have multiple avenues for satiety online. Or fantasies in which we can snoop on someone else's life.

Capitalism -- ain't it beautiful!

So why bother with a real person? You have to talk to them. Figure out how to get them out of your bed and house in the morning.

Cope with their hurt feelings if you don't want to pursue seeing them again.


Much simpler.

No one gets hurt.

Except for those who are hurt...already.

5 commentaires:

singedwingangel a dit…

Why does this not surprise me.. oh yeah cause they are already peddling caskets online yeah... they will go there

norman pease a dit…

Hmmm, this seems like a logical progression, though they should be for women as well. A little KY intense and all is good eh? I agree though Elizabeth, sex for the sake of relieving pressure or boredom is probably empty. Sex, to be at it's best, should have the accompaniment of a deep emtional and spirtual bond. Those who haven't had it, can't know what they are missing, and I'm afraid that robots will be just another hollow experience, satisfying initally, perhaps, but leaves one even more hungry for the real thing than before.

BigLittleWolf a dit…

All I can say is wow. Responding to market demand, or creating market need? Nonetheless, wow.

And men say women think men aren't needed any more? This brings any port in a storm to a new low. Uh, high. Price, that is.

dadshouse a dit…

The problem with robots is that sex isn't all about getting serviced. In fact, it's more about giving pleasure to another. Especially from a man to a woman. When a woman's sexual energy rises, it raises energy for the man too. And I, for one, enjoy helping a woman do just that. Can't happen with a robot. Think tantric breathing...

norman pease a dit…

I agree dadhouse, it is all about the mutuality.