vendredi, janvier 29, 2010

For my pain and suffering?

It feels like almost a week -- I suppose thats how time impels itself forward online in the land of tweets and blogs and status updates.

But actually the Internet went down on Wednesday.

It turned out to be a modem problem.

But in the middle of a very long morning which began a little after seven and ended with the sun well over the yardarm, it appeared to be all but a modem issue.

An hour or so with the Comcast guy...mercifully short, in retrospect.

Two or three with the nice folks in Bangalore or wherever they are, chatting about the Belkin router.

Then back to Comcast -- he suggested I should call Dell. It was only when I burst into tears, after an hour or so of turning my laptop on and off, that he scheduled another appoitnment with a Comcast tech.

Meanwhile, a deadline loomed, first comfortably in the near distance, then where I could see it, then a little too close for good behavior.

In the past couple of weeks, the computer repair guy near the high school has become rather like a guru to me. Or should I say, that pretty much everything he teaches me is enlightening.

After spending a few hours pulling cable out and plugging them back in, he twisted the backside of the cable modem Mr. Comcast 459 had left for us -- et voila, the Internet came back on.

Eventually, I called Comcast -- and told them that the fact that Mr Comcast hadn't checked the modem had caused me considerable expense (cell phone minutes and Dave's company) not to mention a very large amount of time.

After a few more comments of this type, the technical support guy called a superior. When he picked up the phone once more, he said that, for my "pain and suffering" Comcast would give me a month's free Internet.

I confess, that I did act a bit "girly" -- and I have no remorse.

Which do you think is worse?

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Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

I've been having a lot of Comcast troubles too. They had to come and replace the cable and deal with their wiring because we hadn't had internet for a week and cable (other than sporadic network stations) for more than two weeks.
I wasn't very nice on the phone (repeatedly, and to at least four different customer representatives) and they finally did resolve it and credit us.
In the interim I learned that internet service interruptions are not considered urgent but cable interruptions are. Not that it did us any good -- we still waited eons for their "expedited" service calls.
I had to laugh, though, at the end of each call in which I complained bitterly about their service, they all tried to sell me on getting digital voice. Sheesh. Maybe Glenmoore has become a Comcast vortex?

singedwingangel a dit…

Umm well I am NOT a technician but I would have checked the modem first and foremost Duhh, so their kindness is well worth it. Especially if it was costing you something it shouldn't have due to their ineptitude.

norman pease a dit…

no comcast here, I dislike the company on principle. I use Verizon DSL. Have had zero problems in all the years. I have learned that occasionally both the router and modem need to be unplugged to clear the capacitors.