jeudi, décembre 10, 2009

Tossing the recipe

Are you Catholic? Do you also believe in having had a past life -- or two?

A Protestant -- and a person who finds energy in rocks, rivers, and the great outdoors?

A self-avowed atheist, yet you check that horoscope every day?

Not that you believe it, or anything...

We are a nation with many syncretists, as this article from Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA Today points out.

She includes some very interesting snippets from the latest Pew Poll, which you can
find in even more detail on their website.

Ranting and raving and condemnation from the orthodox, even the threat of excommunication, don't seem to keep Americans from throwing in a little eye of newt and tongue of dog.

What do you think might keep believers in one pew?

Where do YOU fall on the heterodoxy spectrum? Or are you more mono than stereo?

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norman pease a dit…

what keeps belivers in one pew? Lack of imagination, the comfort of conformity, and peer pressure.

Where do I fall? I believe that religous texts where written by men with divine inspiration, but as men, could not possibly understand the true meaning, therefore the writings were placed in the context of their understanding. The modern genre of fortune telling I do not believe, however, I do think there are some who can use these things as a veichle to touch "knowing" that many of us are unaware of. I believe that god, the creator, indeed everywhere and in all things...including ourselves...the challenage here is find it in all places, cherish it, and accept that we can not know the full purpose.