mercredi, décembre 16, 2009

Remembering Dave

I guess I can't avoid the subject weighing down my spirit this morning.

A few hours ago the clergywoman who heads our deanery (yes, archaic), emailed us to tell us that one of our colleagues, had died last night. Visiting his sister in Vermont, he crossed the divide between this world and the next in his sleep.

Dave was, in so many ways, larger than life. He was a big guy -- I'm sure I'm not the only friend who was concerned about his health. He had a hearty laugh, and a great sense of humor -- much more Chaucerian than most clergy, at least for normal consumption.

He wasn't, in that traditional way, genteel. He told it the way it was. He didn't have a lot of time for frauds. If something was troubling him, he'd tell you, most of the time.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I've been posting stories about clergy who have mental or emotional issues - -and the lengths they often go to keep to delude others, and often to deceive themselves.

You pretty much knew where you were with Dave. As his assistant a number of years ago, when served as an interim rector in a previous job, I didn't always agree with him. But I respected him -- in part because I knew that he felt that way about me.

Some laypeople may want to be around social climbers or be part of the clergy social circle. But more crave the kind of courage and openness he showed. He was indeed a role model, but not because he let anyone worship him instead of God.

In a country in which conventional forms of religious commitment are becoming less appealing, he was a credit to his calling.

Dave, you were a rare bird. We will miss you so much. Pray for us, as we'll be praying for you and the ones you loved -- and love.

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Sue a dit…

Oh no! I had a sinking feeling as I read this, not sure at first who this "Dave" was to whom you referring ... until you mentioned your relationship with him when he was an interim rector, a period when all of our paths overlapped for a while. Oh, I am so saddened by this news ... Dave and Don had a very special relationship, a good mentor as Don was just starting out in seminary. He was indeed a "rare bird," and a breath of fresh air -- for us, at least.

First Dan, now Dave ... two men who played pivotal roles in Don's life many years ago. Thanks for posting this -- I'm not sure we would have heard about it otherwise.

writelikemike a dit…

Elizabeth - Nice tribute. I didn't know him, but sounds like you captured his essence.