lundi, novembre 23, 2009

The mystery of an intriguing life

What is it about some people? Why does serendipity seem to find them, fame touch them with her windy garment, strange encounters seem to fall into their laps?

We've all known people who, for one reason or another, seem to be lighting rods for adventures.

As I've commented in a prior post, my aunt Marilyn has had encounters that no one could have predicted. How many Brooklyn girls going on an senior's cruise had one evolve into a relationship an with Alaskan fisherman?

How many women in their 70's move West and start a volunteer drama group in a house where a flock of chickens just happened to roost?

Do you think, if you moved to Los Angeles (if you live there already, your odds may be slightly better) your veterinarian and ancient dog would be chosen to be trained by Cesar Millan?

I'd never heard of the Dog Whisperer. And I'm not sure Auntie M had, either, before...well, before...

I can't explain it. So I won't.

These adventures just seem to fall into her path -- and she navigates them with the same spirit that she has called on when faced with larger challenges, like my dear uncle's illness and death from lung cancer.

She's not wealthy, or socially networked (although she has lots of pals), or famous.

Maybe certain outsized personalities beckon other such personalities. Maybe having adventures doesn't make her anxious.

The more open one is to out of the ordinary occurences, the more they seem to present themselves.

But we observe with amazement, and admiration, and gratitude. Of course, those phone calls are always longer than either of us intend.

Gail Collins, the New York Times columnist, said recently that even if she doesn't believe things happen for a reason, they do happen so that they can be turned into a column.

Or a good story. That's the only rationale that clicks, right now.

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