mercredi, octobre 21, 2009

Views and trolls

OK, so I post this new picture on the dating site (in this case, a rather ironic name).
Personally (if I may offer a "personally") I don't think it's too bad.
I get around 150 guys viewing it -- or maybe guys viewing it multiple times. OR maybe it's the SAME person viewing it 150 times.
And about 50 winks -- mostly from trolls.
But only one man actually writes -- something like "I like your profile. You are sexy."
Well -- how does he know? Did he see something 149 other men didn't -- or did he mean to write the 27 year old in the next profile down?
Many of the men on this dating website my age want to date younger women. And they seem to spend months, even years, waiting for that 30 something to realize how incredibly virile they are. Executives, or guys with lots of money, often can actually date 20-somethings. Only I don't think it makes them very happy.
John Fowles does a wonderful job of describing this situation in a novel he wrote about 30 years ago -- about a movie producer and the starlet he's bedding. And not a hell of a lot has changed. Only in the novel...OK, I won't tell you what happens.
Apparently, from what I picked up in a recent NY Times story, men my age don't even like women their own age. But as I wrote a fellow ten years older than me: you might be missing the perfect woman your own age.
Knowing what I do about these men makes me wonder if dating is what I need to be doing.
Maybe I should take up curling, like my friend Allen.
Or fine sewing like my friend Salin (married friend Salin).
Or maybe I should try a few more craft brews.
Any advice?

6 commentaires:

The Lows a dit…

I'm not sure my crocheting and my being married are related, other than providing a distraction during hockey games.

Offcenter a dit…

If they aren't, I won't try to crochet, Salin. I thought that having some kind of talent might help my dating problem, but I see that's not a solution.

Matt a dit…

Before I met my wife, when I was 30-32, I only dated women who were 18-23 years old. I wondered how come I couldn't find anyone I liked very much. I actually went on 50 first dates in one year and in all that time I only asked out 2 people for a second date. Then I met the woman who would become my wife. She is older than me.

Offcenter a dit…


I love your comment. Sometimes we learn through experience. ;-)

Anyone else want to share?

Allen a dit…

Great picture! Curling is a great pastime, but don't completely give up on dating. :-)

Offcenter a dit…

Oh, welcome back, Allen!

How is your new house? I'll be in South Philly tommorow for a while, will think of you.

We need to get some Thai or Japanese food when you come out and curl.