samedi, septembre 26, 2009

Organization -- ain't it fun?

I'm just wondering where, among all the boxes and clothes and family papers and lamps -- where did Mr. C put his blue baseball hat?

Ooops, sorry, we aren't just feels that way. This organizational treatment is painful. Try only in desperate cases -- when all other therapy fails.

It's not that I don't love my doctors -- and no, it isn't Stockholm Syndrome. I really do hold them in great esteem for being willing to work with me. Besides, they are very kind, and also my good friends.

It's just that right now I can't find anything. And the house is a much bigger mess than it was before -- or maybe it's just that it's inside out and upside down in a way that I'm not used to.

Thank God I never was in analysis. I might never have gotten out.

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