mercredi, août 05, 2009

Should I let President Obama know?

I took Mr. C to the doctor yesterday. Come to find out, he'd had a little run in with a 16-year- old cheerleader while on vacation with Dad last week.

Trying to evade some teasing about whether he thought Gertrude (not her real name, but can't you tell I like her?) was attractive, my almost 12-year-old boy said "no, she's ugly."

What do you think would happen next? Screaming from her posse, perhaps. More teasing. Intelligent 16 year old girls would ignore what a 12 year old boy says about them.

Shrek's wife ran after him, and slapped his ear. She smacked him so hard that, when the doctor took a look with her scope, she told us that it was perforated in two places.

Driving back home, having missed our first day of vacation, I asked Mr. C whether this was a "teachable moment." Possibly he'd practice a bit of politesse, the next time?

Reflecting for a few seconds, he told me and his sister: "I didn't know a girl could hit so hard."

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