mercredi, juillet 22, 2009

But 58 Senators thought this was a good idea?

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norman pease a dit…

caving to the NRA once again. I don't really have a BIG problem with concealed carry, but it seems to me that one can not champion states rights and then impose federal laws overriding a states law. This will probably wind up in the Supreme Court. How about a standard Federal law for those states that wish to have concealed carry? At least that way every one would be on the same page, and a state could either allow or not allow it.

Offcenter a dit…
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Offcenter a dit…

I agree that it's a states rights issue. The Supreme Court defers to states wshen it suits the ideology of the five conservative justices. I don't think you can have one Federal law for certain states, and not for others, Randy. I think that Federal law trumps state law, but I'm not totally sure.

We have such a love affair with guns. How many incidents where someone shoots an innocent person with a gun they got from someone else? How many incidents where the "bad" person is shot in self defense? Mostly it's the innocent who die, as in wives who get shot by spouses, or kids who take a gun left unlocked at home and kill themselves.

Why do we want to pay this price? I'm sick of the "guns kill criminals" mantra -- we allow criminals to buy the guns!

norman pease a dit…

you are probably correct on the law issues...but the Feds can grant in Calif. stricter emmisions laws. They could do the smae for states whose citizens choose sanity over allowing concealed guns. I just thought that if there was one set of standards for gun carry, at least we could try to ensure that those who choose to carry have to have some training in the use and moral issues.

hopefully at some time in mankinds future we will stop chooseing to kill eachother. Violence has always been the last resort of the ignorant.