vendredi, juin 05, 2009

The wayside

Do you have a list of items that go by the wayside when all you can do is veer like a drunk from one task to another?

Here are mine:

Listing my checks electronically (I never was too good keeping up with this one, anyway. Quicken could make lots of money creating a program that pops up on your computer and won't go away, like a nagging parent, until you figure out who has 95.00 of your hard earned money.)

Anyway, I figure as along as I'm not overdrawn I'm cool.

Mowing before the grass looks like the cow pasture down the road.

Getting a haircut. It's been months.

Thank you notes for the DQ's birthday party. I've asked my ex for names and presents three times -- does that count?

Finding an hour to go to Dave's to pick up the kids broken computer (450 infections, he told me).

Going out with friends -- fortunately, I have two wonderful girlfriends who adjusted their time and hopes and just generally wouldn't take no for an answer. What did I do to deserve you, Melanie and Marie?

Most of all, time to exercise -- that's kind of my baseline for stability and sanity.
For months, the yoga studio has beckoned me. This week, I didn't get out on the track round the grade school at all. Next week -- or maybe I should just be realistic and say July is a lot more likely time to return to my routine.

"It's like you are in a perpetual round of exams" says a friend empathetically. And I guess I do OK -- except for the days when I break down and cry.

So what's on your "ditch when it becomes too much" list?

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