lundi, juin 08, 2009

Minor cruelties

This last few days I've reeled from the cruelties we humans seems to like to inflict on each other.

A lunch where a pillar of our little community waited until almost the end of our talk to unleash a revelation that left me gagging on our expensive sushi meal.

A comment on the blog I write for that mocked my writing as offensive patter - particularly the "uncute" headlines.

A cell phone call taken in the midst of another conversation with a new friend -- flashing the news that this friendship was indeed a thing of the past.

Perhaps I do the same thing to others. Maybe I make cutting comments. Maybe I hold back. Perhaps my "fault" is not being sensitive enough to the idea that sometimes what I write offends, even if inadvertantly.

Obviously, I'm having a pity party. Bring on the pickles!

Revenge is a meal best served cold, I've heard. But I'm not interested in revenge, ya know.

I'm learning that, with a public persona, you are often disliked. Sometimes for good, sometimes for not so good reasons.

I wonder if I am cruel, too. Sometimes one doesn't see what's in front of one's nose.

But I believe that God wants us to be kind. There's a difference between honesty in the service of reconciliation and 'candor' that's meant to be the knife between the shoulderblades.

I do wonder at the mind, and heart, that can toss off the sharp comment, aiming to hurt, and move on. It hurts the victim, for sure. But doesn't it do as much to the perpretator?

2 commentaires:

norman pease a dit…

putting yourself "out there" is a brave thing to do. you must have a thick skin. it is often easier to cut down than to build up, mankind seems to take the easy way. yes damage is done to the cutter as well...often not realized until some calamity befalls them. A pity really, so much is lost.

Offcenter a dit…

Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I'm a wimp, Randy. I tend to feel other people's pain, which isn't always a helpful thing. The only arenas in which I'm really fierce are when it comes to my kids and defending the underdog -- whoever that happens to be at a particular time.