mardi, juin 30, 2009

A few other reflections

Here's a link from Slate on the campaign case the Court will hear re-argued in September. Slate also has a lot of material on the New Haven ruling.

Justice Souter is now retired Justice Souter. And I heard a tribute to him yesterday on NPR that rang true. Of course, I can't recall who actually was being interviewed. But HE said that Souter was a conservative, in the best sense of the word. Souter was a very hard working justice who respected precedents.

Precedents? What an old-fashioned notion. What we have now is Court dominated by activists with their own agenda -- which five of the Justices would call originalist. Baloney. And if Obama does get to make a few appointments, we'll probably see another agenda-driven Court.

I'm not sure we can avoid Justices with biases. I just wish the Justices were a little direct and open about them.

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norman pease a dit…

yep, the billions has to get out of elections. I think we've a 50-50chance the verdit will ignore precedent in this case. Since we treat corps. as citizens, perahps we should hold them accountable AS citizens...period. As to bias judges, yep can't avoid it, but I disagree there is an agenda. Like us all..we just do and say what we think is right. All are hard working, all believe they are adhereing to the constitution. What folks think should not matter at the judicial level. If the law is the problem....change the law constitutionally. As to how many comedians in the senate..100!