vendredi, avril 03, 2009

Shrinking Jesus

Salon has an interesting piece on Bart Erhman, who has become a virtual one person Jesus seminar. His new book, 'Jesus Interrupted' apparently looks at the different versions of the Scriptures, the fact that we have no original editions, and the differences between one writer's viewpoint and another.

Interestingly, one of my PTS professors, Dr. Story, was part of Ehrman's journey away from faith. Dr. Story was a lovely man, a teacher who didn't let you get away with a lot. I was thrilled to get a "B" in his Hebrew course. Read the article to see how a comment on a term paper apparently was a catalyst that later led to Ehrman losing his faith. That, and the issue of theodicy-the problem of evil.

You don't have to agree with Ehrman (and I don't) to grapple with the issues he raises. While I find his viewpoint on humans and morality a bit disturbing, I sometimes feel the same way.

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