samedi, mars 28, 2009

Looks good in black

As I've said here before, I generally hold off on telling men with whom I chat online (why does that sound increasingly revolting?) that I'm...well, know. One of the collared sisterhood.

But I don't like being evasive. So I'll tell them that as well as being a journalist, I have an alternative profession. Sometimes I'll teasingly add that I look good in black.

For some reason, they tend to go to the dominatrix option in the general menu. Why not mortician? Why not hostess at America Bar & Grill? Why not Goth college professor? Honestly, until I signed on to this dating site, I had no idea what a dominatrix was--or what a thriving market it seems to be. If you are looking for a job, it seems that there are a number of fellows who would like to hire you.

I'd consider the dominatrix role, but I have a couple of issues with it. One, I'm not a domineering personality. And two, I just don't have the right boots.

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