vendredi, janvier 16, 2009

From the Yellow House to the White House.

I've never been crazy about predictable people--and I guess that includes columnists. Assuming that columnists are people, instead of a committee of people. But I came across a column that suprised me with its hope, and its graciousness and its sense of history. This opinion piece was written by Michael Gerson, a regular commentator for the Washington Post. Entitled "Words for This Journey" it's a meditation on what Barack Obama can say to us at this extraordinarily historic moment.

At the same time, the columnist calls on the President to lift high the bloody flag of commonality.

This hope of unity is stronger than all the hypocrisy of our past and louder than the clank of chains. It led men and women to travel on immigrant ships and the Underground Railroad -- and it explains the amazing journey from the Yellow House to a white one just down the street.

I can't do this justice. Click the link and read it for yourself.

A senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, Gerson was a speechwriter for our soon to be former President. He's also a Christian, and, judging from his columns, an extremely thoughtful man. If he was all about polemics, a Rush or a Frank (bright as they are), I wouldn't have time for them. I'm so tired of writers who stoke the fires of antagonism.

But it seems that Gerson, and perhaps a few others, have caught the spirit of hope that pushes a few slim buds amidst the cracked earth. Perhaps we, too, can be inspired...and become a part of the healing--signs of spring in our own communities.

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