dimanche, décembre 07, 2008

A few steps towards freedom

I admit, it's a little insane. But it's the kind of crazy I've been yearning for.

Which shows how staid my life is right now.

When I started going to physical therapy a couple of months ago, I was such an achy collection of joints that I thought I'd have to retire to the back porch and...do crosswords? Needle point? (hehehe) Put on long underwear and freeze, because this is no time to sit on the back porch?

But I don't have to do any of that dumb stuff. At least not this past Saturday.

After I finally got myself into the car around 4:30, it was snowing. Not a lot of snow, but enough to coat the Wallace streets with white.

And when I started running, it was closer to five, and what daylight we had was almost gone. But it was still beautiful, in the way that grey winter days with a touch of snow are beautiful.

The megamanse that I thought was sold has an open house on Sunday -- the night before lights glimmered in the windows, awaiting the banker or lawyer who still has enough money to pay the mortgage.

On the other side of the road the park was getting darker. Now and then, I thought I heard a gunshot, but nothing close enough to the road to frighten me.

Overhead, a flock of geese honked at one other -- I want in! Get out of my way!

On a side street a dog parked piteously, waiting for his or her owner to realize he was done with the cold and wanted to come in.

Why are those people walking around in the farmers yard? I wondered, until I saw their big white tails.

Almost no one else was out --certainly not walking as dusk turned to evening.

It was close to glorious.

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