vendredi, novembre 14, 2008


Last night Mr. C and I were on our way to the gym when "All Things Considered's" Melissa Block did her interview with the naked cyclist from Portland -- not Maine, that would be a little chilly.

Yes, I know some of you will stop reading right here. I considered changing radio stations, but there didn't seem to be anything too objectionable in the story. Colin was quiet, looking out the window.

This young man was arrested for cycling nude in his neighborhood at night. The judge dismissed the case.

In her soft voice, Melissa asked him what the families in the neighborhood might have thought, and whether perhaps he might have considered them before stripping and putting his feet in the stirrups. He didn't seem very open to that notion.

As they talked, it emerged that Portland has a yearly bicycle race -- look ma, no pants!
No shirt.

No umbrellas?

So, at the end, I said wryly to Mr. C -- Oh, these folks on the West Coast.

That's it, he said. I'm not going to Disney Land. I'll go to Disney World instead.

But they only cycle nude in Oregon, I said.

He wasn't going to see his Aunt Marilyn and visit one of the world's big amusement parks next summer because some folks in Oregon can't keep their pants on?

I'm not taking any chances, said Mr. C.

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