mercredi, septembre 24, 2008


I heard on the news today (NPR, so I suppose some will wish to check with the WSJ to make sure they aren't lying) that 26 mortgage and investment titans, including Fannie, Freddie and Lehman, are under investigation by the FBI.

Well, maybe the FBI has it wrong. They've been wrong before.

Surely in a totally free market system, these banks and agencies would be able to police themselves. And who cares what happens to homeowners dumb enough to have gotten themselves in this mess? It's a predatory world.

But those bad Republicans, like Senator Jim Bunning and a bunch of Congressmen, are going to insist that there be some terms on our 700 billion and counting bailout.

Not to mention the Democrats-but we knew they'd roll over.

Does nobody have the guts to stand up for unfettered capitalism?

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