mercredi, septembre 17, 2008

Banking on nuns

Biden and Pelosi are quoting Aquinas and Augustine.

Obama is using phone banks staffed by nuns to reach Catholics, who are very important swing voters.

What is the net net of all this?

Once again, (see link) the Democrats are finding new ways to screw up when courting Catholic voters.

It seems doubtful that phone banks staffed by nuns or medieval theologians can really make a difference.

The reporter visited Scranton (Joe Biden's hometown) and found out that many of the Catholics who supported Hillary Clinton are now trending towards McCain. McCain has been cosying up to Catholic bishops-the one in Scranton has denied Joe Biden communion because of his pro-choice stance.

A few things worth thinking about....

Why do politicians of a certain age feel the apparent obligation to embrace Democrat orthodoxy on the abortion issue? Bob Casey Jr doesn't, and he's our governor, in case they haven't noticed.

Why have the Democrats done so little to move the ball past the abortion swamp? Republicans and Democrats can agree that we ought to provide support for unwed mothers-so why isn't this happening?

Why can't this party allow for some real diversity on the abortion issue?

And why would white blue-collar Dems vote for the pro-choice Hillary and not for the pro-choice Obama? I think the pollsters got it right when he says that race has something to do with it.

I don't think Aquinas or Augustine would be really thrilled to be used to advocate for the Democrats (or the Republicans)-but what do I know?

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