samedi, août 02, 2008

Global guessing game

When I was getting my business degree five years or so ago, it was an article of faith that globalization was here to stay.

What few, if any predicted was the effect soaring fuel prices would have on businesses like the ones that grow avocados and ship wood from one country to another.

Manufacturers are moving lots of production closer to home, wherever "home" may be. Those of us who have to have tomatoes and strawberries in January might find ourselves paying gourmet produce prices.

In other words, we may take a step back towards a more localized economy.

I believe the economists who tell us that globalization is here to stay.

Like much of the rest of life, its evolution won't be linear-and may well be unpredictable.

The most sobering paragraph in the story (linked above) is the assertion that this won't neccesarily be good for us here in America. We've already lost many manufacturing jobs that aren't coming back-and we have to pay to get our goods to other countries.

It's fascinating, however, how the "Gospel truth" of one generation of business lore can be revised by the next-and how fast the generations change.

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