mardi, août 05, 2008

Changing of the guard?

It appears that there is a big political realignment going on-but how long it will last or what it signifies is hard to tell.

As Democrats and independents surge, the numbers of registered Republicans are declining. In recent years, many statehouses have gone Democrat, as have the Governorships.

In the article linked above, politicans and pollsters offer some reasons for the shift: more young voters, urbanites moving out to the suburbs, and more candidates who don't take far left positions.

The advent of centrist candidates like Bob Casey Jr here in Pennsylvania is what I find most fascinating. Does this signal a closing of the gap between the reds and the blues? Or are these candidates confined to states where there are lots of independents or conservative Democrats?

The polls tell us again and again that on issues like gun rights and abortion, voters tend to hold nuanced positions. If the trend towards the center continues, we may see the two main parties finally start to allow for dialogue, even dissent, within their ranks. If not, the party elders may find themselves party poopers.

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