mercredi, juin 11, 2008

Sunday afternoon our Internet and cable stopped working. As some of you know, it's hard to lose a connection to the virtual world-a world that seems so real.

At any rate, a Comcast fellow came out this morning and analyzed our problem. Turned out that a young man helping me with a weed-whacker in the garden cut the cable-something I suspected, but about which I could do nothing (except call for help).

Tomorrow I am going back to the Bennison trial, which is supposed to conclude with the bishop in the chair and then closing arguments.

At issue is whether Bennison hid his brother John' sexual abuse of a minor in the 1970s.

The trial doesn't put Bishop Bennison in a good light. But it's also an indictment of other Episcopal clergy-particularly bishops. They knew about John Bennison's abuse and reinstated him to the clergy. So many people high up in the church knew about John-common sense would have led them to ask how whether Charles knew.

It is tragic that the victim's family again and again tried to find closure and healing in a denomination where no one, as far as one can tell, had the courage to own their responsibility.

Yet I suspect that's not going to be the moral of the story. As much as I am no fan of the Bishop's behavior or his leadership, I still believe he represents one of many Episcopal clergy.

This is a sordid trial, not solely for Bishop Bennison, but for men of a certain generation who blushed, who was disgusted, but who did little or nothing to help the church move ahead.

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Sue a dit…

Oh, you have actually been ATTENDING the trial?! Oh my goodness! How draining that must be!

We've been reading daily updates, excerpts, and summaries from various sources, and we just keep shaking our heads. And you addressed something we talked about just this morning, as we read the latest update. I said, "My gosh, this isn't really just about one man -- the whole lot of them are involved! There should be about 20 trials to cover the whole mess!"

You're right -- it's not just Bennison. And the thing is, how often have you seen this kind of behavior trickle down into other areas? We experienced this very same thing ourselves -- people knew, people watched, people hid their eyes, people closed their mouths. And we were left hanging and hurt.

It's beyond tragic. If I think too long about this trial -- and in essence the "domino effect" of it all -- my heart starts to hurt.