samedi, juin 21, 2008

Boxing at Shadows?

Apparently many of his supporters are distraught that Barack Obama won't accept public money. His claim? He's going to need private financing to battle the frightening, unscrupulous attack dog (Republican) groups who will try to throw not only the kitchen sink, but all of the vermin underneath at him in the fall.

According to the Politico article by Jonathan Martin, there ain't a whole lot being cooked up right now by the guys who last brought you Swift Boat and other lowdown, mean, and questionably successful attempts to wound the Democratic candidate in the last election. I still think John Kerry's patrician, "I know better than you" air was more scary than anything the Republicans could find.

It's also possible, though not likely, that the Republican operatives have decided we've maxed out on ignorance, rumor and racism in this year's campaign.

Which leaves many wondering about Obama's claim to rise above partisan politics. His choice to accept private donations is the mark of a very canny politician, not a principled hero.

But does hero worship really have much of a place in a Presidential campaign?

If we are disillusioned, if he has been tarnished, should we blame him for blurring his principles-or us for believing he could remain faithful to them in the first place?

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