lundi, mars 24, 2008

Summer Plans

We have interesting summer camps for the kids this year. They have clearly outgrown most of the YMCA camps that kept them amused in previous ones.

This year Mr. C and his sister the DQ (Drama Queen) are both going to Camp Invention. A national organization has a place in Coatesville for a week- a week in which children get to put their imaginations to work.

Colin is also going to a week away at camp. I find this very hard to take. I know I will cry. But I try not to let him know how upset I am, because, after all, he thinks he is ready to go. Asked about the week away as I talked to him in bed tonight, he said philosophically: "It will be an experience."

But it's Camp Invention he's really excited about. Sian is going, too, he said, and I'm going to make something for her. Knowing how fond he is of the sister who so often gives him grief, I asked him to tell me more. A grin splitting his freckled face, he said "Something that will give her a mild shock every time she's mean to me."

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