mardi, février 19, 2008

No cigar

Well, here's an interesting change of power-no blood or revolution!

The banner headline today on the home page today of the New York Times was intriguingly plebian: Fidel Castro resigns.

Questions that ran through my head:

Will his brother Raul be as effective without the beard?

When he speaks of allowing the younger generation more authority, does he mean 76-year-old Raul?

What will happen to Hugo Chavez now that his mentor is retiring? Will he tone down or ramp up the rhetoric?

Will President Bush consider Cuba as a vacation spot now that his enemy is no longer President?

And if the Bush family makes a pilgrimage to Cuba... will 43 and Castro have lunch together in Havana?

They have more in common than Bush would ever admit. All he lacks is Castro's charisma

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