mardi, février 12, 2008

Doggone it

I am baffled by the relationship between guys and their dogs. So many of the men whose portraits I see on the dating site where I slapped up my profile have a closer relationship with their faithful fox terrier or large mutt than they do with the people in their lives-children included. They will drag their kids through hell and back in the pursuit of the perfect love affair or marriage-but heaven forbid anyone abuse a dog.

I don't have anything against most dogs. Even the mastiff who barks furiously when I run down towards the Lake is probably very sweet when one gets to know her-preferably with a suit of armor on.

It would be nice if we could learn how to be good to animals and to human beings-perhaps that's an evolutionary skill a lot of us haven't mastered yet.

I should have known a romantic meet-up would go nowhere when I suggested we meet for a third time and my potential swain said he wasn't sure he could because he had to walk his dog.

I didn't think I was that much of an egotist-but taking out a quadriped is a paw excuse.

Hmmm....can you tell I need a little perspective?

Send in the hounds-there ought to be hounds-don't bother, they're here.*

With gratitude/apologies to Stephen Sondheim

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