dimanche, novembre 04, 2007

For all of us who wish we had a chance to heal the past

Oh, I guess you might call it sentimental. Even shamelessly so. But I still love "Field of Dreams" the Kevin Costner movie about being able to redeem the wounds of the gone and long gone.

There's something nutty about a guy who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield-isn't there? America does have a long-lasting love affair with the sport that even the scandals can't take away. I wish we didn't have to deal with asterisked superstars. I wish they'd put Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Hall of Fame. I wish there were no scandals and everyone played simply for the joy of watching the batter finally connect with the ball.

There is still joy at Little League Games. The kids in their uniforms, the grass and dirt on their pants from where they made contact with the bases, the coaches who cheer everyone, whether they hit or struck out or walked the batter.

Take away some scary parents, and it would be perfect.

Thinking of my dad, so ill, and my brother, long gone, and the kid's dad, also ill, I wept for wounds that might not heal-in this life, anyhow. Colin, who liked the movie, didn't know why I was sobbing. Nonetheless he crept over and put his arms around me. For him, it was a nice fairy tale. For me, the film provoked the notion that healing is still possible-when we simply don't expect it to happen.

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Sue a dit…

Thanks for this post. Healing definitely involves more than just letting "time" do its thing. It can become quite despairing, feeling at times that healing might never occur, and yet ... I guess it's time for a trip to Blockbuster. It's been years since I've seen that movie (I loved it when it came out), and now I'll definitely be viewing it with fresh (if not pained) eyes.